Starvie Kenta Soft

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Weight: 346-355
Alennushinta€292,95 EUR
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Level: Advanced
Shape: Round
Balance: Mid
Surface:Two Layer Carbon 3K
Profile: 38mm
Core: EVA 30 (Soft)
Weight: 355-375

Kenta is a innovative, round-shaped model, meticulously designed to take your game to the next level by optimising the control and stability of the racket, giving you unparalleled performance on the court.

In addition, StarVie have improved the power of the racket by incorporating an improved weight distribution mechanism into the heart of the racket.


Two layers of 3K carbon on the head
The racket is re-enforced by the use of two layers of carbon
which gives it greater control and power.

Hex Tech technology
New hexagonal-shaped rough textured area createddirectly
from the racket mould that makes the racket more durable and resistant

Geo Bridge is a new technology applied to the heart of the racket which, thanks to its hexagonal design, offers better manoeuvrability of the racket during play, with ease and acceleration of movement, achieving more power in the shots.

Reactive Holes is a new type of racket technology. This new map of holes has been designed to optimise the game, giving a boost of power and control in both defensive and offensive shots.

Longer Handgrip Technology
1.5 cm longer grip for a more comfortable two-handed grip

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