Making the most of the court in padel

Padel is a sport that blends the best of tennis and squash. To up your game, it's crucial to make the most of different parts of the court:

The Baseline

  • Stay Active: Move forward and backward to adjust to the ball’s trajectory.
  • Use Topspin: Adding topspin to your shots makes it harder for your opponent to return and gives you time to reposition.

The Net

  • Positioning: Stand about a meter from the net, ready to move.
  • Volley and Smash: Use volleys and smashes to finish points quickly and keep the pressure on.

The Glass Walls

  • Defensive Play: Let the ball bounce off the glass walls to buy yourself time and get into a better position.
  • Offensive Play: Surprise your opponent with shots that rebound off the walls at tricky angles.

The Corners

  • Defensive Tactics: When pressed into a corner, use the walls to get the ball back into play. A high lob can give you time to recover and reposition.
  • Attack Angles: Aim for the corners to force difficult returns from your opponent.

Play Smart

  • Mix It Up: Alternate between long and short shots, fast and slow balls to keep your opponent guessing.
  • Communication: If playing doubles, communicate with your partner to cover more ground effectively.

By leveraging all areas of the court, you can enhance your padel game and become a more versatile player. Practice using each part of the court and watch your game improve dramatically! A part of success on court is also depending on the gear, and with Sport of Padel you always find the best deals on rackets, shoes and clothing from the best brands of the sport!


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