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This quality racket with easy adjustment for all types of players who want to play at their optimal level. The racket's center/sweetspot gives good control and good power.

Tubular carbon reinforced frame. Surface: The racket is constructed with the highest quality raw materials. Semi-soft Eva reinforced with two high-density fiber fabric layers.
Epoxy resin including titanium dioxide with 'Fiber Tech'.

- Core of semi-soft Eva rubber, laminated with two layers of carbon fiber fabric impregnated with epoxy resin with high elasticity. 100% carbon fiber racket.

Technical racket with Oversize format intended for expert and competitive players. Excellent power with good control. The semi-soft Eva rubber and full carbon core with which it is made gives an absorbent touch to the impact of the ball.

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< td data-mce-fragment="1" class="value">360 to 380 gr. < /table>

Spill Level Advanced - Medium
Form Drop
Thickness < span data-mce-fragment="1">38 mm.
Composition Carbon

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